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Welcome to the website of Prof. Masoud Gheisari’s research group in the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management at the University of Florida.

Human-Centered Technology in Construction (HCTC) research focuses on the theoretical and experimental investigation of human-computer/robot systems in construction. This includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of technological artifacts to satisfy human needs in the construction environment.

Our team was excellently represented at the ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering Conference.
Our team received the best paper award at the 59th Annual ASC International conference!
Let’s learn about the safety challenges of UAV integration in construction in just 90 seconds!
Ricardo just started as an Assistant Professor at Arizona State, & Gilles also started the same position at Texas A&M

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Join @MasoudGheisari and his colleagues at @UFRinkerSchool for a @NSF-funded webinar on Safe Human-Robot Interaction in Construction!

Register now for this #ArtificialInteligence inspired @UF event, taking place December 1st:

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Join us for the @NSF-supported webinar, "Safe Human-Robot Interaction in Construction," on Dec 1, 2023, 11 AM - 2 PM ET. Hosted by @UFRinkerSchool & @NIOSH, we're tackling safety challenges in the age of robotics. 🏗️🤖
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Simulations are instrumental in assessing risks in future work environments. In our latest paper, we explore the physical risks of drones on construction sites while modeling different flight parameters @MasoudGheisari

"Safe Human-Drone Interaction in Construction" in just 90 seconds!

Thanks to NSF for supporting this project:

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@MasoudGheisari and I will be hosting a workshop on "Safety Challenges of Human-Drone Interaction" during @HFES 67th International Annual Meeting in Washington DC, scheduled for October 23rd.
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Our very recent journal article on "Psychophysiological Impacts of Working at Different Distances from Drones on Construction Sites".

Thanks to @NSF for funding this project!
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